Day 2

12 hour shift no canteen
Heres my lunch clever me!


Needless to say im starved n feel like ripping the girls head off who sits opposite me! Really nice, but baby talk for 12hrs Uuuurrrrggghhh.

Does it get easier? ??

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Day 1

Really hope i can do this!

Been so busy today looking for a new house not really thought too much about food.

Boyfriend had macdonalds, i had a banana!
He’s the type that can eat anything n not put on weight!

We then went paleo shopping!!!! Yummmmm!

Lunch was an apple and a sardine salad. Starving!!!

I must say i detest fruit! Its only good for one thing. Booze!
Apples = cider
Grapes = wine etc. Lol

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The reason why!


Hi everyone

(not that anyone will read this)

I’m laying in bed at 0307 desperately thinking about how i got this way!

Im 5ft4 and ive gone from a size 10, where you can pull the shorts down without undoing the button. To a size 18 where im busting out of those!
Im 34 and i want my life back!
Doesnt help i have a boyfriend who can eat 5 doughnuts in a row without it even filing his big toe! Ggggrrrrr

My writing skills are not great but im using this as a diary of sorts and for will power! (I am really shit)!

My vices are ciggies, carbs, fizz and beer! Ps i sit on my arse for 12hrs a day at work!

Im tired of being fat, uncomfortable, lazy, exhausted and ill.

Ive read paleo books and blogs and thats what im going to do.

1) follow paleo for a year 17th jan 2016
2) beat my couch to 5k app & run it
3) get back in those bastard shorts!

Wish me luck peeps.

Oh n ps i cant give up cheese or vodka so dont ask! Lol.

Groceries shopping tom. 😮

Night  hopefully xxx